Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cribbage at Victoria's Secret...

From Tortious:

Victoria's Secret taught me many a thing, some I will save for another time, but suffice to say:

Never question a man who is at a lingerie store looking for gifts for his Mom, his Girl AND his Baby Momma. Just smile and grab a flannel set, some perfume and a pair of crotchless panties.

I hate people and thank GOD I became BFF with the store manager and she let me act on my OCD-ness and work processing and the back room organization. Oh and goof off with her gossiping in the back room, drinking Starbucks and talking about poop and which fireman we were, uh… playing cribbage, yeah, cribbage with that weekend.

No one needs over 20 bras. No One. Ever. And yet, if they are free, you just keep racking them up! (like the pun there? Rack! Racking!, yeah I'm just re-DONK-ulously funny. No?)

And finally, naughty underpants make even the worst situation easier to deal with.

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