Friday, June 6, 2008

Cribbage at Sam Bond's...

From the Oregon Commentator:

"Sam Bond’s Makes “Best Bars in America” List

Esquire has included local bar Sam Bond’s Garage in its list of the 100 best bars in America. Sam Bond’s was the only bar from Oregon to make the cut. Here’s what Esquire had to say about the venerable establishment:"

As you stretch out on the split-timber benches under the old barn’s bare rafters, you slowly realize you’re in the family room of one of the weirdest neighborhoods in America — a shady, overgrown co-op of artists, ecoanarchists, spirit healers, drug dealers, and permanently circling vagabonds. And the living couldn’t be better: Couples play cribbage on the rough-hewn communal tables, kids loll on the modest stage until the sun goes down, and the strong-limbed waitresses circulate the beers in mason jars and smile, but only if they really mean it. It’s like a frontier dance hall in a mining town where the vein’s gone dry. The dreams are alive, but appealingly bruised.

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