Sunday, June 8, 2008

Marine, sheriff's deputy, cribbage player...

From appealdemocrat.com:

Mathew John Arnold

Sgt. Mathew John Arnold is a native of Yuba City and the son of John and Debi Arnold. He has a sister, Jennifer Bower, and is uncle to 3 nieces and a nephew.

Arnold graduated in 2000 from Yuba City High School and is engaged to Tianna McInally of Sutter. He has one son.

He enjoys camping, hunting, fishing, baseball and cribbage.

Mathew finished four years of active duty with the Marines and became a Yuba County sheriff's deputy. He was among the 1,800 Marines recently recalled to active duty and is now serving in Iraq.

Arnold was trained in artillery and is a .50 caliber gunner attached to I.E.D. Security Forces at Camp Pendleton.

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