Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cribbage lessons with Dad...

From nerdygirlramblings:

"We sat, side by side as the cards were shuffled and dealt. He said I might have to whisper so Mom couldn’t have any hints. The cards were top secret and so he carefully showed them to me and asked me “Can you add any of the numbers together to get 15?”
I pointed out a combination and he grouped together more. He told me we would have to give Mom two cards and asked which ones I thought were the least important. I picked the cards and the game started in play. 5. 10. 15-2. 25. 31 for 2 and a go makes 3. What were they talking about – the cards flew out of their hands so fast. I was frustrated – so they showed me what the numbers meant as I counted points off on the board. Dad said I’d have to watch a couple times to learn all the rules and how to play – but as I’m watching I could be on his team."

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