Monday, June 9, 2008

52 new boards...

From 19 Point Hand:

"I decided to go ahead and just release all 52 boards at once, instead of adding them ad-hoc. Doing so many boards at once made it easier when it came time to photograph the boards (although some of the pictures came out fuzzy and I will re-shoot them), if need be. 50 of the 52 boards are part of 6 new series and I FINALLY finished the Saturn Moon Series with the addition of the last remaining board and added the last board to the "7 Time Tour de France" Series. As always, I try and keep my prices reasonable and you get a significant break on shipping costs if you buy more than one board. You may notice that the purpleheart I use in my boards is quite "purple". I tried something new this time around. As soon as I finished the boards, I put them out in the sun for a couple of hours. This did 2 things. It let the oil/wax finish soak in nicely and it oxidized or turned the colors of the wood a little darker and a little richer. I also photographed all the boards with the pegs that are included with the board. I have added (4) 4 players boards - in the Mercury 13 Series. Of those 4 boards, the "Truhill" board is probably the nicest. With this board, I used a thicker cherry boarder and I think the proportions worked out better (given the large size of the board). And despite my best efforts to the contrary there are some "Postpono" or 'Factory Seconds" boards. There are 2 Postpono boards in the "A Seven Course Meal of Extinct Candy Bars" series and there 3 Postpono boards in the "Apollo Lunar Modules" series. As always, Postpono boards are significantly discounted. "

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