Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Man gets pegged... ouch!

From Richards of Sweet Home:

"...The guys came home, and the kids were playing so nicely, that we got in another game of cribbage. Sadly, the girls were skunked...but, let it be known...this is what you end up looking like after a skunking!"

"In all seriousness--we are thankful this is all Sean got! He was helping a friend yesterday to raise a large post over their drive, and Sean was on top of the beam, 18 ft in the air. The chain binder jumped or let go, and it came back to hit Sean in the hand, lip & face, causing him to have several stitches in his hand & cheek. The picture of the laceration doesn't really do the cut justice, as I saw how ucky it looked just after he did it, and the picture does not give the dimensional look! We shudder to think of how serious (or fatal) this could have been, and Praise God for his watchful eye over Sean..."

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