Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Amazing Game of Cribbage...

From Scott's Ravings
Luke has always enjoyed playing cards, and I thought he's probably old enough to learn to play cribbage. Cribbage, for those of you who don't know, is a pretty complicated game that requires a lot of strategy and addition skills. Luke's math is pretty strong, so I thought he could handle it. Plus, cribbage has these cool little pegs and a neat board for scoring. This adds a level of coolness well above any other pedestrian card game. Perfect for Luke.

Sure enough, after learning the basics, Luke smoked me!

In the first game, I gave him the customary "Luke gets ten extra points because he's new." And of course, he beat me in that game, even though we were playing open-faced so I could tutor him.

In the second game, we played with our hands concealed, so Luke had to make his own choices on what to discard and how to play. I guess he learned pretty well, because he skunked me on the second game. (But just barely, I must protest.)

For a more colorful description of events, be sure to amble over to Luke's blog. Be sure to give him some comments. He loves to get comments!

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