Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cribbage for CFIDS....

Q&A from Rik Carlson
Q: You had an interesting experience with cribbage. You said "Early on…I was obviously retarded. I struggled like a bastard with the rules and with adding the numbers. It was like weight training for my brain." Over time, however, it seemed to work - as you go on to state "It was indeed physical training for my brain and it worked. My mental clarity improved." Do you continue to find this kind of activity to be helpful?

Rik: It’s amazing how mathematical skills become remedial. I struggle with simple arithmetic. How many with CFS lose control of their checkbook? Lately my course of study has been with computer programs, but once the snow flies, the cribbage board will resurface. Just imagining the combinations of 15 boggles my brain.

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