Friday, December 14, 2007

Crash Cribbage feedback... negative points?

Trent wrote:

"Just finished 3 games [of Crash Cribbage] with the rule that we start in the same direction. The first hand of each game had crashes, with one game creating a back and forth chain reaction! The pegging was tight in each game also, so we are going to
implement a house rule that 2 player games must start in the same direction.
The crashes on the first hand also created situations where we made a
decision that a player could not "go negative" on the board, but instead was
returned to the starting gate. I couldn't find a reference to this in the
rules with the board or on your website, but I admittedly was scanning
fairly quickly so as to not hold up the game."

Dr. Pegger says:"You are correct that negative points (where your pegs gets bumped backward past the first hole) is not allowed. In those situations the peg always goes into the starting arrows on the board.

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