Monday, December 17, 2007

Cirbbage and comedy with fishing buddies and the unlikely chance that your wife will find it funny....

From "tracycobo"

"After a sandwich and a cold beverage, we decided a couple games of Cribbage were in order, before we went out for our afternoon casting session. At some point during the Cribbage game, while we sat partaking of some "potent iced juice and whatever" concoction, one of us came up with the bright idea to film our card game. This decision was made based on the assumption that we were really quite witty and were getting funnier as the card game progressed. In fact, we were so sure of this, that we decided to include the footage in our reality fishing show. We were just cracking ourselves up,and as we dead-panned for the video camera, which now sat atop a tripod, we just knew the writers of Seinfeld would be contacting us to join their writing team soon. We even played back some footage just to make sure we were funny--and you know what?-- under the influence of "potent iced juice and whatever"..... we were! A full half hour of non- stop cribbage action. "Whoa, that's a double run and knobs for 9". Funny stuff.And they think Texas Hold 'em is a made for TV game!"

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