Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cribbage game determines name of town...

From the Brentwood Press

"...City Council members took the audience down memory lane, beginning with a 19th-century cribbage game between J.T. Whitman and Randolph Marsh, the founder of Oakley, to determine the name of the new community.

“Mr. Whitman wanted to call the town Oakley; Mr. Marsh wanted to name it Dewey,” said Romick. “We know who won the cribbage game. As a consolation for Mr. Marsh, we are currently working on a park under construction on Laurel Avenue, which will be named Dewey Park.”

So, if not for the fateful turn of the cards more than 100 years ago, Oakleyites might today be called Deweyites, and the granite oak leaf etched in the City Hall lobby floor and acid-washed steel oak leaf sculpture hanging from the cupola might instead be a dew drop."

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