Sunday, December 2, 2007

Luke's first Cribbage game... and first skunk!

From Luke's What You Call It:

This is my first game of cribbage. We started it yesterday on November 30. Today is December 1st and we were continuing our game of cribbage. My dad was just behind the skunking line when I got 14 points, and I only needed 9 to win this round, and so I won two rounds since I skunked him!

Cribbage is a game where you have to depend on your luck, and you also have to know math to play it. You're always adding up your points to see how many holes you get to go into. You also get points when you can add your cards up to 15 or 31, or if you have a run or a flush or a pair.

In the pictures, I am the white and my dad is the red.

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Scott said...

Hey, Joe, thanks for the props for Luke and me on your Cribbage blog. I saw you are deployed in Iraq. Be safe over there! Back here at home, we're all praying for you guys. Stay safe and play lots of cribbage in the breaks.

Scott said...

By the way... Luke was absolutely head-over-heals to get a comment from a soldier in Iraq. We recently wrote letters to some soldiers in our church for a cub scout project, and Luke was glad to hear from one more GI overseas.

Stay alert, stay safe.