Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kids and Cribbage...

From KVAL.com

By Molly Blancett
Video COTTAGE GROVE - Saturday wasn't a school day, but Lincoln Middle School's packed parking lot in Cottage Grove would have had you second guessing yourself!

More than 20 kids spent the day at the school library playing cribbage in the first ever, Youth South Valley Tournament.

"They want to come to school," said LMS teacher and tournament organizer Jim Hueske. "They want to play cribbage. That goes over to their other classes too. They're interested in cribbage, they take a bigger interest in other things."

Hueske has been playing cribbage for 40 years. He introduced his students to the game a few years ago and so far, they're loving it.

"I like having fun," said 11-year-old Alex Brunetti. "It's really fun to play this game. And, I like counting. It helps you with math and stuff."

Hueske said he hopes this is the first of many cribbage tournaments. The American Cribbage Congress helped sponsor the event.

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