Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cribbage, coworkers and friends...

From a letter by Paul Colby to The Daily Telegram, Superior Wisconsin:

"This is what happened to me Nov. 29: As I was driving home, I couldn’t stop thinking of one of my co-workers (shift partner) and friend I used to work with on 12-hour shifts while employed at Enbridge. My mind was preoccupied with all the good and bad times we went through.

I was telling myself I should write him a letter and send pictures of my kids and our deer harvests over the years. That’s the one thing we really had in common — hunting. We were like to kids in a candy store during November. He was also the only witness to my 29 hand in cribbage playing on break one weekend. And I secretly envied the large sandwiches his wife would pack for him.

I haven’t talked to him in such a long time and I wanted to thank him for all the good times we had, plus the personal stories he confided with me. I was the first to know in the plant that his wife was pregnant, and I never told a soul.

Now I heard about the explosion on the Enbridge line, and was deeply concerned about my past friends and co-workers. But on public radio, they mentioned contractors, who took over some of the employees’ work when the merger happened. Maybe they had been working on it at the time. Boy was I astonished when I walked in the door and my wife announced the news immediately from the couch. On the front page of the newspaper she showed me a picture of Steve Arnovich, the man I had been thinking about. My eyes are now glossy.

Sometimes we just need to make time for friends."

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