Thursday, December 6, 2007

Largest Crash Cribbage order so far!!!

From "Trent," who recently ordered 6 Crash Cribbage boards to give to family members and to use with his students. This is so far the largest order I have ever received from an individual!!!

"What began as a simple search because of my love for the game of cribbage has touched me profoundly. Over twenty years ago a relationship clicked between myself and my future wife based, in part, on our belief of what Ayn Rand had written. I am also a Navy Veteran and a proponent of using games to help educate children in our local schools. It was unbelievable when I ran across Joe's blog and recognized the similarities in our thinking and the interesting variation on cribbage he had developed. The reason for my order was two-fold; first to give everyone in my family of crbbage lovers a new board, and second to have another variation to take into the schools to show the kids. The free board you included in my order was an incredible gesture and will be greatly appreciated by the kids. I wish Joe all the best in his deployment and our prayers are with him and all the military deployed (my two cousins included) in harms way."

Thanks Trent!!! Makes it all worthwhile to know there are guys like you out there that appreciate the game, and use it in such a life-enhancing way.

Happy holidays to you and yours!


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