Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cribbage and a cheap date...

2. Gamer Dating

Grab some popcorn and stay in for the evening. If your date is down with video games, grab a controller, put on some party music, and go to town. If you have a Nintendo Wii or can borrow one…so much the better. Nothing eases any nerves better than making a fool of yourself in Wii Sports Boxing.

Don’t just stick to video games, though. Mix it up with some 2-person card games. Here are some of the classics:

Cribbage - You’ll need a cribbage deck and board
Speed – Also known as spit…
War - Simple…classic, ruthless

This date could also be done with other couples as well. Have each couple bring their favorite games, and let the good times roll. (Yahtzee anyone?)

Total Cost: $5 for snacks

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